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Rest Mask - Hand dyed by The Wild Woven Collection and includes dust bag, a printed affirmation and a download link for a guided mediation by Natalie Matias

Calm Aromatherapy Candle - The Good Soy Candle in their signature reusable Ballroom Vessel. (Lavender + Bergamot)

Calm Mood Mist - CALM is a gentle, natural way to enhance your mood through aromatherapy.  Mist when you need a moment of relaxation, before mediation and on you pillow for a good night's sleep

Loose Leaf Tea - Living Apothecary "Take Care" is a tea tonic meant to do exactly as its name implies, to take care of you.  During times of stress or overwork, the botanicals within this tea blend will balance the nervous system, lessening our reaction to stress.