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Dillon's Hot Pepper Bitters - Made using peppers from their own gardens; hot banana, scotch bonnet, super chili & cherry bomb. Combined with the fragrant and spicy aroma of red peppercorns and long pepper plus the tartness of lemon give the perfect complement to a Caesar or Bloody Mary or the perfect amount of spice and background heat to some fruit-based cocktail

Dillon's Angelica Bitters - Being a part of the parsley family, angelica offers a strong celery-like flavour which makes it the perfect add-in to your Caesar or Bloody Mary. The lemon backdrop gives added complexity.

Walter Craft Caesar Mix - Seasoned with just a hint of hot sauce, horseradish & select spices, Walter Mild Spice is ready to drink if you like your Caesar very mild, or as the perfect base to spice & season your cocktail as you please.

Salty Paloma Caesar Rimmer - A citrus and spicy twist to punch up your Caesar

Pickled Beans